locations Camera/gear mishaps, disasters and horror stories

So during a recent outside shoot, it was really windy outside and I was trying to set up everything up by mysyself. Long story short, my camera, set up on a tripod, fell over, cracking the screen (but still technically 'viewable') and damaging the mode dial of the camera. Now it stops in middle of recording and changes modes whenever it wants. Oh, and a custom lens adapter with several filters attached to it went right into a lake in a matter of seconds. Guess i'll be shooting any new footage through a can of Pringles. Anyway, I can't be the only one. So what's your horror storie(s)?
I had just started my own production company and was setting up a shot for my first job. It was my camera in a Glidecam, flown with vest and arm. I bow into the camera and thought it was seated properly but as I stand up, the whole thing takes a dive and falls three feet to the floor. Miraculously, the only damage was that the threads on the lens were smashed and the v-mount battery popped off.
I was able to “fix” the threads by smushing on a UV filter with the same thread size, so I can still use my fader NDs and polarizer.
But yeah… right in front of my client.