Building a workstation pc

Hey everyone,

I'm building a new computer and I need advice on what parts I should get. I will be working in programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, DaVinci Resolve, and other programs of the like. For a large majority of my usage, I'll be doing plenty of video editing and image/graphics editing. For CPU, my choices are either an i5 4460 or an i7 4790 which are both bottom-end of i5 and i7. For the GPU, should I get a GTX 750 ti or a Quadro K600? Anyone have experience with the geforce vs. quadro side of things? The quadro k600 is entry level workstation card and it uses DDR3 vram. Will I benefit from going entry level quadro over the normal geforce cards and i7 over i5?

Thanks in advance to all replies :)
I use geforce in my PC rig at home, works really well. Would be useful for you to get at least 1 SSD if you can, they really speed thing up. Processor, there isn't a huge difference between the i5 and i7 as far as I know.
What kind of video are you going to be working with? This will be the most important aspect to what you need the most.

Is there any particular workflow that you're also going to use?
Bullet points: as much RAM as possible, good processor (I don't think this matters as much as long as it's relatively fast and a quad-core), good graphics card with it's own memory, and a solid state drive to run your OS off of.
Will I benefit from going entry level quadro over the normal geforce cards and i7 over i5?

Get the i7, max out your RAM, get a couple of GeForce cards, preferably with 4+GB of memory each.

Resolve will use multiple cards, and multiple cards are kind of essential for anywhere near realtime playback of anything bigger than fullHD. You'll also want fast storage available. I have an 8TB raid0 array in my newest machine that I built specifically for editing/coloring. I still need another/better video card(s) but it'll do better than half speed 4k playback in resolve with multiple correction nodes as is.

Resolve is going to be the most demanding, graphically anyway, so you should probably build your system based on their system guideline documentation: Windows / Mac

They put a good deal of time into writing that document, it's loaded with good info on building a solid machine for resolve, and a solid machine for resolve will be good for premiere, AE, etc too.

Incidentally, if you can find decently specced cards, you can probably get quite a bit more bang for your buck with AMD/ATI graphic cards vs nVidia.