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I am new to film making and to these forums so if I use simple terms or the incorrect terms please bear with my while I learn.

My goal is to make a movie using stick figures. Imagine you are sitting in traffic and the mini van in front of you has one of those stickers with the stick family depicted. Now imagine they come to life on the window. I believe that would be 2D as opposed to 3D, educate me if I am wrong please.

While researching software to use most of them have functions that break down the stick figures body into movements you can manipulate like torso, individual legs, arms, head etc.

Is this standard for most software? It would be nice, if after you create a stick character you could create movement by dragging and clicking but I haven't seen that function yet.

Any input on what programs are best for beginners would be much appreciated.

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I wish I could help, your project sounds cool.

My guess is you would use an animation software that could upload to editing software like Premiere Pro. A free open source animation software is Blender. You could learn on that for now, without spending a dime. I'm sure they have documents on how to do that.