'BOX' Short Film


I am a beginner and here is my very first film ever. It might be bad and really hard to understand what's going on but I still want to share it.

It'd actually been a tough process. I just want people to see my movie and criticize it because that's the only way I can become better.

Here is it:

Thank you.
I just got an old film camera & some film which I can develop myself (I do film photography). However, it is very cost prohibitive to do a long movie working only with film, so I want to mix digital & film, also using still photography as you did with the black & white shots.

I just realized I wanted to make a film only days ago. It seems like a very big project once you think about the scenes, the editing, the script.

Before, I would have said your film is without much of a storyline, if the film were more than 8 minutes, I likely wouldn't have finished it. The box is an interesting theme, but I'm not sure what role it really plays, not to mention the significance of the gun, the smoking scene, the coffee scene.

But I also say that in all of this, you've taken a big step. To have something you can point to as a finished product is an accomplishment.

I share short films I find with my friends & family by sending links. I'm afraid this isn't entertaining enough to share, and I say this with much respect.

Someday I will also post my first film. When? I have no idea. I have thoughts but no solid ideas yet.

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