Born Filmmaker vs. Made Filmmaker

Born Filmmaker - A person that appears to have been born with the natural gift of filmmaking.

Made Filmmaker - A person that had to be completely taught to make films.

What do you feel is the difference, if any, between their films? And do you even subscribe to the idea of a "born" and "made" filmmaker?
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I don't know if I believe in the term "born filmmaker"

Maybe someone could be a born artist, with natural creative talent, and they could use that talent to make films, but in order to make a film you either need to learn a whole lot of technical skills, or surround yourself with a crew that can do all the technical stuff for you.

And of course a "made filmmaker" might easily make 100 films that nobody will want to watch because he/she may not be creative enough.

I guess an ideal filmmaker would have both traits, and I don't think the two terms are mutually exclusive, and they probably aren't a reliable indicator of what the films will be like.
You're right. I probably should've said "artist" instead of "filmmaker". Unless you believe in reincarnation and the person was a filmmaker in a previous life.

But, overall, pretty good answer.