camera-dept BMPCC OG Advice, Speedboosters/camera grip

Hello all!

I'm in the process of buying a BMPCC OG and a filmmaking friend of mine recommended that I get a Metabones speedbooster for it.

I just wanted to ask if my camera needs one or not? Is the difference in image quality worth it?

Also if so, which speedbooster would people recommend and which lens to go with it? Which lenses are adaptable? For reference I'd prefer a smaller lens that is easy to travel with, I do a lot of Guerrilla filmmaking lol, auto focus and image stabilisation would be a plus but not essential.

Another question I had was about battery grips, I know the BMPCC OG has a notoriously bad battery life with its standard battery so i thought I'd get a battery grip, does anyone have a preference for which one I should get? I thought about getting the Andycine Universal Battery Handle Grip.

Thanks for listening!
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