BMPCC lens questions

Hello everybody.

1. If I would like to use my Canon lenses on a BMPCC, what adapter should I get?
2. (On a tight budget) would it even be worth it to get an adapter, or would it render ugly or unusable results?

Get an el-cheapo MFT to EF adapter. I just picked up a 'fotasy' of this type from amazon for about $20.

On a limited budget you're not going to get a 'smart' adapter, so you won't be able to manipulate the iris or enable optical image stabilization. But the lenses will otherwise work just fine. To figure the relative focal length they'll behave as, multiply by 3. So if you have a 35mm, it'll behave like a 105mm on the pocket cam, more or less.

Then eventually down the road get yourself a metabones speed booster, and the sensor will behave like a super 35mm sensor.. ;)
IMO, if you can't change the aperture of a lens, I'm probably not going to get much use out of it. I'd be more likely to look into adapting cheap old school fully manual lenses
Hi CPF - You can adjust the aperture with an inexpensive adapter with built-in manual aperture control.

This was shot with the BMPCC, a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 for EF mount and a $40.14 adjustable aperture Canon EOS EF Lens to Micro 4/3 Adapter from c.kee on eBay:

This was shot with the BMPCC, a Nikon mount lens with a Speed Booster plus a Canon EF 24-70mm II f2.8 and a $149 Bower Canon EOS to micro 4/3 adapter with built-in aperture control:

If these adapters are above your budget limit, I recommend the well-reviewed $31 DSLRKIT Canon EF to micro 4/3 adapter with built-in manual aperture.

Any of these adapters will mount your Canon lenses to your BMPCC - and give you manual aperture control.

Hope this is helpful!

you CAN adjust the aperture of those canon lenses.. you just have to do so on a camera that has a smart mount, then pull the lens off with the aperture set as desired.

The cheap adapters with built in manual aperture are not ideal because the aperture is in the wrong place for the optics, so you'll get vignetting the more you stop it down, kind of defeats the purpose.
Will, do you have any experience with the Redrock Micro LiveLens? It adapts the EF to M4/3 mount and electronically controls the lens' internal iris.

I picked up one of those from eBay just to get me going until I buy the Metabones one.
I've not used it, but since it allows you to use the lens' aperture it'll be much nicer than the after market manual aperture adapters, since the aperture blades are in the proper place within the lens elements.

Just watched a video the other day of something similar, but it was a DIY live-lens adapter.. pretty cool. :)

Assuming the one you picked up from ebay is in good shape, you'll likely be very happy with it. If I were you, I'd probably keep it in my camera bag even after getting the metabones adapter, since it'll effectively double your lens collection...