qazwiz is a nom d'plume of a retired computer professional.
and to answer "why qazwiz?" (which is NEVER CAPITALIZED)
... I WANTED QWERTY and originally I WAS qwerty on compuserve and several (maybe dozens) of BBS's.
but of course eventually I got the dreaded "name taken, use another... we suggest qwerty69 (or whatever)
not wanting to have to remember slew of different user login qwerty####, I wanted a unique name so went down the keyboard (instead of top left going right) thus qaz.... ERROR, MUST BE MINIMUM SIX CHARACTERS ... so added "WIZ"(short for wizard, since EVERYONE in my extended family called me the "computer wizard of the family" but honestly that is/was a low bar to cross meh!) to make it qazwiz

100% SUCCESS...
....TO DATE i have never been told "Name taken, try again" (except when i forgot already registered, which is always remedied by clicking the "forgot password?" button)