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cameras Best Budget/Beginner Cameras for Indie Filmmakers

What are some of the best beginner cameras for indie filmmakers to start with? Let's keep the price tag under $1000 for these ones.


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Most people are using cameras that require lenses. Lenses are going to be the most expensive investment.... But if you pick a brand (Canon, Panasonic, Sony) then you can use those lenses on most cameras... if they have the same mount.

Pick a brand, and then base your lenses around that.

I use the Panasonic GH4 which uses M 4/3 lens mounts. I also have an adapter for Canon lenses.

The body is around $600. A good lens will be around the same. But you will also need a microphone, lights, memory cards, etc.

I don't really know of any all in one cameras that are good at everything anymore. Most require an extra lens.
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