Behind the scenes - Building a miniature set & filiming - Get Charley

Ok fine. time to get creative. Here is a vid of what Im doing for a set in my project Get Charley. I going to use greenscreen to put the talent in the set. I will shoot only stills of the set and use compositing to place the talent behind the furnishings. just getting started but here goes...

Below is the color palette I shall be looking to use in my current project. The darkest color will be my "blacks" and the lightest color will be my "whites" or as close as I can get so I can then play w/ the colors in post. I will desaturate the colors and dull them to give a bleak look.

I will prolly add some green to the overall color in post to give it a cooler blue color as opposed to a warmer blue ( closer to purple ) .

I will have some red and oranges as contrasting colors to highlight a few items. Im using the color wheel and color theory to plan my coloring attack. I will keep close to a cool blue in most colors and have orange colors as contrasting colors which are opposite on the color wheel.



Shows you how much I can recall from reading stuff as a kid. :bag:
(I'm pretty sure I never read it, actually. Not in my demographic diet). ;)

Cool, just the same.