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foley Battle ambience!

Hi! What’s everyone’s favorite thing to record in sound design? Mine is definetely battle ambience! You get to crush watermelons, scream like an absolute lunatic for hours strait, GO wild, destroy bricks, break glass, smash hammers on metal, throw apples against walls. Crunch lettuce! Mmmmmm tasty. And afterwards u end up feeling like an absolute madlad.
what’s all you guys n gals fav sounds to record? And don’t turn this dirty 😬😬😬😬Lol
Sound design is fun because it can be creatively challenging. I think my favorite things to record are “found sounds”, just because there’s a little sense of adventure to it.

Most recently, I was out on a nearby horse ranch to record ranchy/farmy sounds. It was an afternoon of walking around and finding interesting things that could make useful sounds. A sliding barn door, creaky metal of latches on horse stalls, footsteps on different ground textures, rattling some of the tack for leather and metal sounds... literally just roaming around and finding sounds wherever they are.
Yup. All that stuff is fun to record.

I'm with Al; "found" sounds are always great. I like construction sites, junkyards and old houses. I enjoy recording vehicles. I'm also fond of creating "unknown" sounds, such as the sound of an artist running her fingers along a feather, and love doing supernatural/magical/paranormal effects.

More of an post audio thing, but I once did a "distorted memory" scene that took place in a boat. I put together the entire Foley, ambiance and sound effects (crickets/locusts, birds, water, etc.), mixed & recorded the stem and then reversed the recorded stem. Played the reversed stem mix through a reverb with a bit of chorus, recorded the chorused reverb and then reversed the chorused reverb. The total effect was very subtle but gave a creepy "something just isn't right" feel to the whole sequence.

I haven't had a chance to do much Sci-Fi, but can't wait to dig into something really juicy.
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Re the video - a teensy bit ironic that a video about sound effects has a hideous tinkly muzik backing track distracting from the "creative" sounds. :grrr:

Lots of demonstration and BTS videos about Foley and Sound Effects do this. That way no one else can use the sounds. The video in question was about making sounds for a video game, and I'm sure that the client would be very upset if anyone could use their proprietary sounds without payment or permission.