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screenplay Bar scene question ...

Hi there,

I have a question about slug lines within a particular scene...

Suppose we have two friends sitting on one end of a bar and they are looking across at a young woman, sitting alone on the other side of the bar. She is sufficiently distant that the men cannot hear anything from her side and vice versa.

In this scene, the two men watch as another guy approaches her and some words are spoken but we do not hear anything because we are looking at her from the perspective of the two friends.

Later in the scene, the camera is closer to the woman in the scene as one of the two guys tries to pick her up. Do we need a separate slug line before the last action line or is what I have here sufficient?

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Yeah, Kayode is watching from the distance, but the camera is closer to him but only for the last shot. The camera is closer to Adebayo and Morayo in the prior parts of the scene


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Based on this, I assume you're directing the movie yourself?

In that case, you can probably skip the clarification if you prefer to although if I were writing this scene I'd include it.

You definitely don't need a new slug line.
That makes sense, in fact, I just found this on reddit that confirms exactly what you are saying.


So this was my problem... The camera has indeed moved so it warrants a new slug line :) Thank you!!
So you mean if I need to write a Jackie Chan's fight scene, I should write a slug line for every alternate action line. for 1 min shoot, I have to write a 100 slugs lines and a150 lines of action.

It doesn't necessarily a different slug line / scene for every change. In your case, I may use a trolley to cover the entire scene without changing the setup. One of my friends suggestion about this was - unless there is a change in the content of slug line, you can continue with it. In this case, you are doing all under: