Backup for Lumix GH5

I'd like to shoot some interviews (this is a very-amateur project) using my Lumix GH5. I'd also like to be running a second camera to capture closeups or different angles. I'm looking for recommendations for a lower-priced camera for set backup shots.

The natural choice would be a GH4 (as all lenses would be compatible), but that's $1400 for a body and lens and I'm hoping to spend a lot less. I was even considering a Gopro. All thoughts appreciated.
I'm going to chime in and say a Lumix FZ1000 would do the job, and probably look REALLY close, especially if it's B-roll stuff. There are Youtube's that show a FZ1000 next to a GH4, and it's pretty much the same thing visually. Get a used one, and you're only out 3-5 hundo.
For the lower end, starter cameras I would recommend either the Canon 700D/T5i (I got mine for less than $500) or the Sony A6000 (I got one for $500), or the A6300 (currently $798) if you can afford the extra couple hundred dollars. You will want to get a few extra lenses to go with these cameras as well, as this has a big effect on how the film turns out. There are several lens adapters so you could swap out the Canon lens on the Sony or the Sony lens on the Canon. I think Canon has the best lenses but you may want to pick and choose on your own. I believe that there is now a Canon T6i but I don't have any experience with it, I have the T5i, but they are likely about the same. Any of these cameras would work great for film making.
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