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Speaking of celebrity news,
Young, tv, theater, and film star,"Tiffinni Saint Ranae," aka Tiffina, writer, songstress, model, dancer, beauty, of The Emissaries film franchise, with A-listers from CW-11, "Oz the Great and Powerful" movie, Marvel and Disney stars, Dreamworks and Star Trek Discovery, and Voyager, has new songs out and new inventions!
She is with ASIFA, SCL, IGA, Women in Film , Girls on Film, AFI and DGA.When asked her most fave stars, and fun thoughts, she said this, with adorable, vivacious, enthusiasm:" To dance with Channing Tatum; he's great in the movie," Step Up," and I think he can tap dance, and more... He's kind of more of a renaissance guy than people realizing...Would like opera or rock with Gerard Butler, or just travel some UK place with Gerard butler, and enjoy all his wonderful stories.
Or ride motorcycles with Judd Nelson or enjoy some excellent conversations with Judd, or ride Keanu Reeves' Arch motorcycles with Keanu Reeves, or tour Ireland with Ewan Mcgregor ......mix and match in any of those orders but basically, each of them is talented and fun and sporty, and that is very inspiring, and each seem to enjoy music and motorcycles and dance, or have great stories, yet each of them is so different . I do think one of them is particularly among the most stylish and handsome attractive to lots of people across the world but I won't say which one, though! Lol, but seriously, I'm referring more to how fun and cool and enjoyable, these people seem, as intellectually and sports type, fun, & invigorating.
My film series," Exertion," with sequel, Inertia and. Exemption, They'd all be great in it, but not particularly together. There's one I'd have reps cast and bid/negotiate, very nice, for particularly one, but they all are some of my fave current entertainers, for different reasons!
It would be good to ride horses with Alexander Dremon, and help different villages and help nature, & forests and nice, inspiring, things!
We all love Tiffinni, of course, and we are sure she's not far away from any of those goals because she happens to know a few of those gentlemen, as well as their managers, or has been at their premieres, or at least we can say that she is friends with a few of the A-listers who are friends with those people, and they all think very highly of her; the people that she knows, so it's just a matter of time before she can work with some of these people
Thanks for the smiles guys. :)
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