news ‘Atlanta: The Final Season’ Teaser: Donald Glover Reveals Surreal Mic Drop for Season 4

Donald Glover is bringing it “back to the A” for the fourth and final time.

The “Atlanta” creator, writer, producer, director, and star debuted a first look at “Atlanta: The Final Season,” coming to FX and Hulu this September. The teaser shows Glover reprise his role of Earn, side-by-side with on-again, off-again love interest Van (Zazie Beetz) as pals Alfred aka Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) and Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) pop up alongside them.

The foursome are walking underwater in a surreal return to Atlanta after spending Season 3 abroad for Alfred’s rap tour. An alligator transforms into a striped chameleon, perhaps a nod to the famed “Alligator Man” episode, and possessions are rendered invisible…that is, except for Alfred’s silver microphone, which he drops as Earn disappears into the floor and the rest walk away.

After four long years, “Atlanta” Season 3 premiered this past March. “Despite the lengthy wait between seasons, ‘Atlanta’ is tonally in line with what came before and carries itself with conviction befitting the filmmakers’ experience and acclaim,” IndieWire’s Ben Travers wrote in his review. “Episode 1 demands a few viewings. Episode 2 is mainly catch-up and table-setting, but the dry wit, playful scenes, and exquisite direction (Emmy and DGA Award nominee Hiro Murai helms the first two episodes) are all still here, all still honed.”

Emmy winner Glover told Interview Magazine, in an appropriately meta interview with himself, that while Season 3 was “really good” the upcoming fourth and final season is “even better.”

“Me and [director] Hiro talk about it a lot,” Glover stated. “I’m not saying this to be pompous. I’m saying that because we deserve it.”

He added, “The people need to know this is high-end shit. I’m saying ‘Atlanta’ is osso buco served with risotto, prepared by a chef who studied in New York City, spent five years on the road, worked at a Michelin star spot for three years, and used the money to buy a small farm. He invites you over to try out some recipes he’s been working on with his friends using the produce they grew together. Even if you don’t like it, you can’t say it’s not high quality. The quality is undeniable.”

Up next, Glover is co-creating “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” spy series for Prime Video opposite “Pen15” creator Maya Erskine.

“You make high quality shit for a large audience, you own it, and you go at your own pace,” Glover said. “But I’d rather be influential than relevant.”

“Atlanta: The Final Season” premieres in September on FX and Hulu.

Check out the teaser below.

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