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ARTISTS WANTED [apocoplypic detailed backgrounds]


...as you could tell, I can't direct or stage romantic material AT ALL. so I'm re-cutting "Lights of the Unknown", going back and polishing it up. re-animating some quick shots messing with the music at some parts, and adding some additional effects. but anyway, I also returned to my original source material: 1950s science fiction. I sort of trailed off into a romantic, emotional, blah....the point is I went off trail. so I re-wrote the ending to pay homage to the classic 50s sci fi B films. now, I hardly consider myself an animator, if that, but one thing is for certain...I can't paint. and I need a really stylized series of backgrounds, something [like the title suggests], apocolyptic. if you're remotely interested, please message me and I'll share more details. if not, then just ignore this little post of mine and I'll crawl back in my hole.

thanks for reading and/or watching!