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Arteros Movie

Arteros Movie. The Clown and the Painter.


“The clown and the painter" tells the story of four unknown artists who dream with finding their place in the procelous world of the art and the price will be required them to pay to achieve it. The story begins with PEEKABOO, a street clown who abandoned years ago his real identity to be always a clown, inside and offstage. During a performance in the amphitheatre of the outskirts of a city which can belong to any country, PEEKABOO meets SANNY, a conceptual artist who invites him to spend few days in her house. Soon, PEEKABOO realises that the girl lacks her own artistic personality and needs of others to create art and in this case she has resorted to him.
On the other hand, we know TATE, a frustrated painter who still lives at his parents` home and he is in love with his neighbour, ALASKA, an egocentric actress who neither has attained to make her known. Although he attains his dream to meet her, the young girl is not interested about him and she treats him with contempt, without leaving to give him, also, some hope.
The four artists have occasion to meet themselves in a very odd frame: the Gallery. It is a mysterious place that decides who will be the artists of the future. Nobody knows the identity of its owner, neither anybody can try to exhibit there by own decision. They are the mysterious members of the Gallery who choose the artists and go into their houses, taking the works that will form part of the exhibitions. During one of these exhibitions, SANNY and PEEKABOO meet ALASKA and TATE and suddenly the idea that TATE takes the clown as a model arises. From that moment, things change and PEEKABOO`s portraits are chosen by the Gallery, turning TATE the next revelation artist.

Nevertheless, the opening day, one of the pictures is stolen and thus, TATE learns by SANNY, the secret behind the mysterious showroom. In one of its rooms a strange group calling itself the TALKING CROOKS is hidden, that in the manner of a Mephistopheles of the artistic market give artists the key to success in exchange for their creative personality. Faced with this dilemma, TATE will have to choose between fame, fortune and power or friendship and love. His decision will mark the fate of the four artists and will subdue PEEKABOO to a hard test in which gradually his identity as a clown will be diluted...

I invented a mysterious character: the clown Peekaboo (Casivisto in spanish, it means Almostseen). I have ideas for two more movies with him. In a second part, he goes to the Burning Man Festival. In a third part, he mets a writer who imagines four different past lives for him. Because Peekaboo never tells anyone who he was before he became a clown. He never shows his real face to anyone. He always wears a three colors wig, triangle glasses and a clown's nose.
So "The clown and the painter" could be the first part of this clown's trilogy.


The future Caltro is the only son of an aristocratic family. When parents die, he inherits a fortune that will allow not having to work or obey anyone. He is a narcissistic and vicious despot type. It is a bastard with a lot of money, that is, doubly bastard.

The future Tolcra is a frustrated artist who despises all other artists. She believes that conspire against it for not giving opportunities to succeed. Privately, she is fond practice facesitting men. It takes money charging for this service. Caltro well known. She tells him of his artistic aspirations, he promises to help. They fall in love and start a relationship. They go to live in the palace where he lives.

The future Talcro is a newly licensed attorney who attended the race at the behest of their parents, since what he wants most is to be an actor. It has a split personality problem that prevents him from leading a normal life. Sometimes it is believed to own the characters he plays. When Caltro hire him as a lawyer that charges less than the others, amused that apropos put to interpret texts of Shakespeare as he advises on legal aspects.

The future Coltra is an exjunkie so his family interned in a psychiatric hospital. A consequence of having drugged therefore suffer some mental retardation and she stopped talking long. One day she escapes from psychiatric and is lost for weeks in a forest. There develops her animal movements. Just she convinced that's a dog. Come by chance the mansion where Caltro and Tolcra live. Here, far from being frightened by the unexpected visit, adopt her as a pet.

Caltro realizes that the three along with Coltra form a very interesting group. Suggested by Tolcra, sold the mansion and buy a whole building thinking transformed into the most famous gallery of the city, on the upper floor will be installed and live them.

The plan is this: They will sponsor, they rob and humiliate all the artists they can. Some will make them succeed but also suffer. An exciting new life is about begin for them. The Talking Crooks are born.

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