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Art of the Bag - a Speed Bag Story

Fellow indietalker's, I guess it's my turn for a Kickstarter go-around.

For the last year, I've been really getting into the Speed Bag as an addition to my regular workout routine. It has become an addiction. I kid you not, if you try it, you will get addicted! I've also found a large community of others that have the same addiction. Through that community, I've gotten to know the 'Speed Bag King", Alan Kahn, author of "The Speed Bag Bible" (http://www.speedbagcentral.com/) and the man that started it all. He is a wizard on the speed bag and a mentor for pretty much every modern speed bagger....and a heck of a nice guy. He has been promoting the speed bag as not only a great workout, but a rehabilitation tool that has helped paraplegics and people fighting Parkinson's Disease (http://www.rocksteadyboxing.org/).

Then there's his 'Punchdrumming(TM)', which is hitting the bag to music and improvising like a drummer or percussionist....really cool stuff!

So you can see there's a lot of very interesting angles here and I'd like to explore them in a short documentary. Alan Kahn is on-board as well as many other prominent speed baggers; Zach Ruffo (aka SpeedBag Skunk, Everlast), Tim Platt (owner of the Speedbagforum.com)...and even Brian Tichy (Whitesnake drummer http://www.briantichy.com/)!

Please take a look and if you can find it in your heart to help support the film, click one of those pledge buttons. Every $1.00 counts and is most appreciated! I'm not looking for much, it's mostly for travel so I can get to these people.

Even if you can't kick-in, please feel free to "Post & Pass" the link to anyone and everyone that might be interested.... 'like' the Facebook page... you guys/gals know what to do.

Thanks in advance for taking a look. - Zaza

Art of the Bag - a Speed Bag Story


Production blog: http://artofthebag.zazacast.com/

Rosendale Theatre premiere was a hugh success!
Read all about it here: http://www.artofthebag.com/?p=226

Rogue Cinema gives it 4 cigars:

Official selection and finalist in the Catskill Mountains Film Festival!

New Teaser:

So... even if your crowdfunding campaign fails, don't give up. Look for other options, there are always other options...and make it happen.

Kool. I picked this up from you off that other site. Entertaining and informative. If you like to support indie projects I would recommend this.