directing "Aroha" - A New Zealand Travel Short Film

Hello everybody,
During my latest tour in New Zealand I was lucky enough to be able to thoroughly explore this jaw-dropping country with my wife and to test my new filming gear.
New Zealand is so vast that it was just the two of us almost the entire time, and tramping with our tent and sleeping bags gave us the opportunity to reach and shoot some unique locations (although the last one took me hours to get the empty shot before the high tide cut me out! :D ).
I would like to share with you the final results in order to receive any advice and criticism that could help me do better during my next project :) so any feedback about shot composition, storyboard, color correction/grading, transitions, music/SFX ecc will be super appreciated.
I hope you enjoy it!

Hi, a GREAT short!, smooth, different angles and shots, very clear, walking amongst nature is one of life's true gifts, a great message you give, we are all as one :)