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watch Anyone else submit to Radiohead’s music video contest?

Here’s my entry. What do you think? $300 or so dollars later.

For those out of the loop, Radiohead presented an alternate version of their track “Daydreaming” for the contest and put it out there for people to make their own inspired videos with the track. They pick the winner and put it on their site. Anyway, here’s my entry. I’d love to know what you think?

If you dig it, please like on instagram! I’m hoping it can stand out as there are tons of submissions out there. I hope that Radiohead at least sees it.*

For those scenes all in white, I tore apart my crappy apartment shower and hung a light right above the actress. below is a picture:
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I loved what you did with the $300 USD. I'm tempted to do that here for no reason but things are a little sensitive around here since the girlfriend found the fake, torn-off, prosthetic arm in the kitchen (it's a zombie thing).

Loved the scenes in white.

On the constructive criticism bit, I thought she could have displayed stronger emotions in the standing up bit but maybe I'm a little picky. Reason is I spent 5 years visiting someone on a cancer ward, surrounded mostly by people about to die. When they really wanted to finish things themselves, they had a certain expression on their faces and it's an expression I'll never forget. Ever. There's something about the expression on their faces that got right inside of me and the feeling is haunting.

It's really powerful and I thought the actor, while good, could've taken it up a few notches.