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watch Another Day in the Life of Jimmy the Beetle Teaser Trailer

I've watched it, I'll be rewatching it tomorrow to analyze it...patience in all things. I like to watch once for my own edification, then watch again for critical stuff. Footage looks good, I have personal issues with WMV's they hate me...first time through the video, it was finished about 1/3 rd of the way through...happens to me all the time with WMV's I'm sure it's not the file.just my install of WMP.

First time through, there are a couple of shots that are over exposed, angles are good colors are rich. Post processed to look like film? Last shot is very nice. color timing looks good. I don't get a distinct sense of story from it though. I'm led to believe that watching it will show me relatively well composed and lit shots, but no sense of reason to watch it. Nothing compells me. Titles and logos are gorgeous. Add a little story and I'm ready to see it!
I would like to start off by saying thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts. I am the director of "Another Day in the Life of Jimmy the Beetle." Right now we are about 3/4 through the shooting and thought it would be fun to put out a teaser. I have this superstition that putting out a trailer before we're done shooting would be the death of the film. So we thought maybe we will put out a teaser and that would be fine. So we did. This more than anything it is to give everyone who has been following the production of the film a taste of what we are doing. And when we're done shooting, a full length 2:30 trailer with story will surface. My crew and I appreciate your honest opinion. The movie is processed to look like film and Justin was flattered when you called his titles gorgeous. If you have anymore questions or comments feel free to post them here or to go to jimmythebeetle.com, go to contact and e-mail russ. Or you could just e-mail me at rusty@jimmythebeetle.com. And, if you are willing I'd be interested in hearing your background with film.