Announcing "Lady X" - A Global Indie Series for DV

Want to participate in a global episodic web series?

"Lady X" ( is a cooperative indie film project that we hope will be a lot of fun and will allow some filmmakers to show their talent. The general theme is a spy/underworld thriller consisting of episodes made independently by selected filmmakers around the globe. Each episode will be approximately 5 minutes long (maximum 7 minutes, minimum 3 minutes). There will be a few rules to follow to ensure continuity of the overall plot (mainly controlling the beginning and the ending)...otherwise, there's lots of flexibility.

How it works:

The beginning of each episode will show a mystery lady, “Lady X,” arriving by some mode of transportation in your hometown, then passing on instructions to the “local operative” or gangster or whomever. From there on, she's out of the picture and it's your movie. Your main character(s) is/are required to go through an ordeal to obtain "something" (your choice of what that "something" is) that, at the end of the movie is delivered back to "Lady X" who then mysteriously vanishes (complete details in the “Rules” page at Where does Lady X go? On to the next episode, of course.

Everything in between the beginning and ending is totally up to the filmmaker...your story, your limits! The goal is to add some of your local culture to your episode so that the series has an international appeal. The number of episodes will depend on how many applications we receive.

Wait a character, Lady X, will be played by numerous actors around the world? How?

How will we pull off having the same mystery lady (but different actresses) in every segment? It'll be pretty easy, actually. Think of her like the "smoking man" in X-files (the early episodes). We'll never really see her...only distant glimpses (voyeur-style, surveillance shots), or extreme close-ups (close on the lips or an ear, or a hand, etc.). Plus, we'll never hear what she says since shots of her talking will be "voyeuristic"... from a distance...drowned out by area noise. She will usually simply pass notes to people. The idea is to build an aura of mystery around her and let her propel the action, without hearing her speak or ever seeing her clearly.

Where will the films be shown?

The films will be available for viewing at the Lady X web site. Whether or not the films are shown by other sites...or even film festivals... depends 100% on their quality.

If I participate, what will I get out of it?

No money. Lady X is non-profit, so no one, not even the Executive Producers, will profit financially from it. You will, however, receive immense satisfaction, raucous fun, and international name recognition (okay...maybe that’s an exaggeration. You’ll only receive “run of the mill” satisfaction). We expect there will be a fairly wide audience. We’ll be sending press announcements to online and pulp film and DV-related magazines. And, as mentioned before, we’ll try to get the episodes a wider audience through other online theaters. Basically, any opportunity to show these films will be jumped on like a free “follow-focus” wrapped in $50 bills.

There is a “contest” involved that will garner you a bit more name recognition, if you should win. Once all the allotted episodes have been aired, there will be a vote for "Best Filmmaker." The winning filmmaker will then have the fun task of somehow tying together all those "things" the mystery lady has collected to make a dramatic finale.

Want to help spread the word?

Go to the ”What is Lady X?” page at the Lady X web site. There, you’ll find some banners that you can use to help spread the word about Lady X!

Where can I sign up?

Visit and read the “Rules”...then click the “How can I join?” link and send in your entry! We’re looking forward to hearing from you. NOTE: If the available episode slots fill up quickly don’t despair! We promise to make a new slot for you if you want to participate! Just drop us a line at

Lady X -
Executive Producers
Paul Sedillo
Ken Tanaka
Rob Lohman
John Locke
? Productions Ltd. London. Fight Design.

Have proposed that SF uses me for action-design.

Could be fun to work in this way, with all new people.

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