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press-release Annihilation - Mech Sound Effects Released - Bluezone Corporation

Bluezone releases 'Annihilation - Mech Sound Effects', an expertly designed sound library featuring 184 devastating robot sound effects for movie editors, animators and video game sound designers. All content was recorded using high-quality and professional equipment. The library has been created with field recordings, hardware synthesizers, electromagnetic fields and contains a wide range of intimidating SFX such as: Futuristic robotic sequences, servos and robot movements, mechanism and mechanical sound effects, sci-fi weapon shots, heavy machine gun sounds, massive footsteps, interface and transmission sounds, alarms, impacts and high-powered deflagration sounds.

Sonic fury: This downloadable sci-fi sound effects pack provides 184 WAV files in 24 Bit / 96 kHz, ready to use and very easy to manipulate. Perfectly designed, all sound effects are extremely flexible, carefully edited and crafted: You can easily create your own terrifying mechanized machines, intimidating Transformers or unstoppable Terminators. 'Annihilation - Mech SoundEffects' is the ultimate toolkit for all sound design tasks looking to level up on robot/mech sound design.

All sounds are royalty-free: You can inject these inspirational sound effects into your commercial projects without having to worry about any additional licensing fees.

More information: Annihilation - Mech Sound Effects