Amazon Prime Video Removing Titles

I would of course be interested to learn, if you have time?

You should parlay these reviews into more views. Let the reviewers know it’s available on Prime See if they will republish or get more reviews to drive in more viewers. I have some other comments but would rather message or email them to you since they negative in nature. Don't be modest.

Mol Smith wrote this independent U.K. made film with a cast that are nothing more then enjoyable to watch.

I won't say too much about the film as it has to be seen in its entirety to enjoy. I will say that the script, the imagery and the music go well together to form a movie that you won't forget any time soon.

Tainted Love is a good film and I would like to see more from the maker. It's such a shame that this film is not on the festival circuit or shown on the Horror Channel, which would have been a perfect fit. It is most definitely better than many independent horror films that get immediate DVD releases, as well as the countess stuff that Hollywood manufactures for the multiplex crowd. A must-see film!