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ad All Things Interesting Podcast: Up and coming filmmaker Robert Smat

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tesher Cohen and I am the host of the All Things Interesting Podcast. I wanted to drop in to share my recent podcast episode in which I interview up and coming writer and director, Robert Smat. On this podcast, we talk about his film debut, The Last Whistle, which is heavily inspired by the television show and film, Friday Night Lights and was filmed on a budget of $125,000 in only 13 days. The film stars Brad Leland who played Buddy Garrity in FNL and Jim O'heir from Parks and Recreation.

I believe everyone here may find the episode to be of interest as we touch on a lot of his experiences during the writing, production, and coordination of the film as well as his thoughts breaking into the industry.

I hope everyone enjoys the show!


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