news Alison Brie Calls ‘GLOW’ Cancellation the ‘Great Heartbreak of My Career’

If you cast Alison Brie in a TV show, odds are good that it’s going to become a cult hit. The only downside is that it will probably be prematurely cancelled as well.

The actress has spent the past few weeks fanning rumors about a potential “Community” movie, but that isn’t the only cancelled series she’s been forced to mourn. Her first full-fledged leading role on TV came on “GLOW,” Netflix’s 1980s women’s wrestling dramedy that was renewed for a fourth and final season in 2019 before being abruptly cancelled in 2020. But the show’s fan base continues to grow, to the point where “GLOW” finally appears to be given the respect that critics always had for it. In a new interview with Decider, Brie spoke about her love for Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch’s show and revealed that she still isn’t over the pain of its abrupt cancellation.

“It’s the great heartbreak of my career,” Brie said. “But it will forever live on as, like, this great thing. I loved working on it – maybe more than anything I’ve worked on! – and I miss it a lot. But I feel very grateful for the time I had on the show.”

She added: “Yeah, it was surprising! But it was sort of eclipsed by the shock of everything that was happening globally. You know, so in a way it was almost like it put things in perspective.”

Brie has long been open about her willingness to wrap up “GLOW” with a movie (a common theme throughout her career). But while she would jump at the chance to suit up as Zoya the Destroya one last time, she’s not holding her breath.

“I certainly think a movie could tie everything up,” she said in 2020. “Our creators, Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, are incredible writers. And they’re so devoted to these characters that they created. I think a movie would be a great way to wrap it up. I’m a little pessimistic about it actually happening just in light of everything that’s gone on this year and how difficult it is to get anything back into production.”

Nothing is in the works right now, but if the moment ever comes to get back in the ring, Brie appears to be ready.


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Netflix royallyed screwed this up, i liked the show and didn't even know about the last season for like a year after it came out.
Netflix never once suggested it to me even tho i watched the first 3 seasons.