A random bit of writing

I had a dream, some while back, which, in that half awake morning state, turned into a narrative that I both composed and admired. I thought it Kafkaesque, lol, intense and encapsulated, and made the difficult effort to write some of it down before I went back to sleep and forgot about it.

Anyway, I recently ran across this document, seemingly written by someone else. I think Freud said somewhere that we are naturally repulsed when hearing other people's dreams. (And If anybody should know...) Anyway, to perhaps prove Freud's point, here it is, titled: Birnahm Hatt (and I have no idea what that means, lol.)

She came around three, a rap rap rapping at my door, if you can call pounding with a fist a rap, which I don't believe you can or even should.

I was the only person in the house, besides the others, and so thought I could evade the woman by moving from room to room, occupying one while she was in the next, and then reversing positions as she moved around the house. Unfortunately, the evasion failed in the first room, which we occupied simultaneously.

I must inspect your head, the woman said.

But honey, I said, I have nothing on my head but hair, and even that is not your business. Moreover, I have been doing nothing but composing music, a run of notes--seventeen!--with each one lower than the previous. But I have not yet written them down, and now, because of your interruption, I may never be able to remember them correctly!

The Birnahm Hatt, she said.

First you accuse me of marital infidelity, I said, between myself and this woman who is not my wife, who is in fact his wife. The woman with him is in fact my wife. And now you barge in and accuse me of Birnahm Hatt? No one in this house knows anything about Birnahm Hatt. Is it a thing? A place? A political party?

That's it, lol. Anyway.
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Hmmm.. There's a store in Canada called Bernard hats.
Maybe the woman in your dream is Bernard's wife and she wasn't accusing you. She was accusing your wife of having an affair with her husband, Bernard. Did your wife give you a hat recently?