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A Lesson in Torture - indie horror feature slasher film

Hey there you guys, I'm here right now to speak about a film I'm serving as an associate producer for. The name of the film is A Lesson in Torture, and it revolves around a girl named Lyla who's parents are killed in a car crash. Shortly thereafter, she ends up living with her aunt in a small town. There, she has trouble fitting in, and starts having a group of popular girls "bully" her. Soon enough however, she finds a friend in another outcast from the town, who just so happens to be a sadistic killer known as the Historian, who sports a creepy plague doctor mask...

This is a fast-paced, yet story-driven film that I honestly believe will turn out to be very memorable and will certainly leave a mark on genre fans. The money earned from Indiegogo will be used to create a 5-10 minute exciting, and gory scene which will be used as material to present potential investors in order to fully finance the feature itself.

Whether you're donating just $5, $1, or just trying to help get the word out, we greatly appreciate it, as you still are contributing to the project and helping to make this film actually happen. For just $5, your name can be in the Special Thanks section of the end credits of the completed feature. For $500, you even get a replica of the killer's mask, which, if I didn't already mention, is gonna be extremely awesome! So please, take a moment to check out the page, and if you like what you see, spread the word and donate! Thanks.

Official Website

Indiegogo Page
http://www.indiegogo.com/alitmovie? c=home&a=183338

- Jason H
I've seen a few of these crowdfunding campaigns to raise money to shoot an expensive scene in hopes to shop it around to raise more money. It's just not a compelling project, regardless of the material. And, well, it's a flexible funding campaign. :(