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550D & ML Data Rates


I've been messing with the Magic Lantern Data Rates recently after seeing some online videos like this http://vimeo.com/17711166

BUT... I'm filming tomorrow and haven't really tested to full satisfaction, obviously want to get the best shots possible but have already got enough to do on the day without plunging into the unknown.

So...what's the thoughts on changing the data rates??


Best settings??

Thx in advance!!
If you increase the data rate of of the recording make sure you have a fast enough card to handle it. Anything faster than the recommended settings and you're gonna need a class 10 card with 30mb/s or faster to handle it. If you don't, you will get an error message in mid recording when the subject is too heavy. I roughly keep mine at 1.4x
From what I heard there's no improvement in exceeding data rate for t2i/t3i but that was from someone who was testing out color grading so not sure
Agreed, their isn't a huge difference in data rates by increasing them but it is slightly noticeable in the heavy darks. Main reason I use Magic Lantern is for ISO settings mulitples of 160 for less noise and better audio controls for the "just in case scenario" if I don't have a field audio recorder with me.
Cheers ZERO_#

Followed your lead and went for CBR at 1.4... Very pleased with the footage I've checked so far. It did seem that we went through battery and memory cards faster than normal, to be expected I guess.