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watch 24 Hour Film Dash

We recently competed in our very first film race. It was much harder than we thought, but it was also tons of fun. We had to make a movie that was between 3-5 minutes and the elements were:

Prop: Umbrella
Action: Knocking over a drink
Character: Nerd
Line (Spoken, written, or sung): You had me at hello
Theme: Twist of Fate

You can view it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEpLjwDkGbs

But I'm sure a lot of you have competed in film races as well, and I think it would be awesome to watch them. I think the film race brings out a different kind of creativity than normal.

So please POST your film race videos with their elements.
It was a local event put on by our local film festival. They've done a couple of 36 hour film races that we were never able to participate in do to scheduling conflicts. This was their first 24 hour race and it truly was a good time.
Back in '85 or '86 while I was in film school, there were four of us who used to trade crew time with each other. One night, we were hanging out and someone said "Let's go make a move, right now. And let's see if we can finish it all by this time tomorrow." So we grabbed a CP16 out of the equipment closet and some lights and shot all night in the art school basement. We processed it ourselves the next morning and finished cutting by, I dunno, around 3 or 4. It was very short, like 3 or 4 minutes. Man, we were beat, but it was pretty fun. I remember cutting the thing and fighting to stay awake at the same time. We didn't have story requirements, so we had it easier in that regard. But we shot in 16mm and didn't have NLE capabilities. Fun fun.
I participated in one of these competitions in 2006 for the East Lansing Film Festival. It was great.

There is one going on in Detroit next month, but I don't know anyone who would want to do it so I'm out of luck for this year. (sigh)

-- spinner :cool:
That sounds crazy. Forget story requirments, that sounds much harder. And really awesome. Where'd you go to film school?

I went to the University of Oklahoma. It wasn't NYU or UCLA, but there were some good productions coming out of there at the time. Back then, there was a real "us" vs. "them" when it came to film and video. Now, it's very interesting to me how digital video has really opened everything up.
I hear it. I went to the University of Texas right about the time digital video started looking very good. And now it's just amazing how far it's come in the last couple of years.
Thanks guys, I'm glad you liked it. They have a 36 hour in september that I figure we'll try out. I'm pretty excited the 24 hour was so much fun.