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call-for-entries 2021 Fiction Podcast Writing Contest | Shore Scripts

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TWO WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN TO HAVE THEIR PILOT SCRIPTS PRODUCED, EACH WITH A BUDGET OF $5000. The writers will retain full rights over their story and have the final say on any potential deals which may arise. Plus, each winner will also receive $1000 Cash!

Writing a podcast script (or even adapting your existing script for a podcast) means fewer layers between your story and a potential audience of millions.
Did you know that each week more Americans listen to Podcasts than have Netflix accounts! In 2021, 28% or 80 million Americans described themselves as weekly Podcast listeners. That is 10 million more weekly Podcast listeners than the 69 million Netflix account owners in the U.S.A.

Many writers, including our prestigious Judges, have forged writing careers for themselves through Podcasts and Hollywood is taking notice! A large number of podcasts have been adapted for television, including Homecoming, Dirty John, Limetown, Lore, and Blackout.

We have some of the most successful podcast creators onboard to judge our finalists and decide our winners, including:

Zack Akers – Limetown, 36 Questions

Lauren Shippen – Bridgewater, The Bright Sessions

Terry Miles - The Black Tapes, Tanis, Rabbits

Nick Van Der Kolk - Love and Radio

Jonathan Mitchell - The Truth

Shore Scripts will oversee the production of both episodes, making use of our industry connections to find you a talented cast and crew. We will look to attach a named actor to each episode to further help elevate the show and draw in an audience. Once both episodes are live, we will also help you speak with production companies in an attempt to green-light the season.

This is a great opportunity to have your work produced and your voice heard in this ever-growing industry.

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2021 Fiction Podcast Contest | Early Deadline

Whether you have an audio-only story already in the works or you want to take a stab at adapting a previously written Feature or TV screenplay for this rapidly growing medium, we want to read it and help you get it made.

Two winners will each receive $5,000 to produce the pilot episode of their audio series.

Plus, $1000 in cash as a prize.


Prizes for Finalists.

All rights and IP remain with the writers and their teams.

DON’T MISS THE EARLY DEADLINE! Find out more: https://shorescripts.com/podcast/