camera-dept 180 Rule (1/50 shutter, 24.97fps) GH4...FAIL

Hey all,

So I'm trying to move from Intelligent mode on my GH4 to fully manual mode for video.

A few days ago I recorded an into for a launch video we are doing with both full manual settings (1/50 shutter, F7, 24.97fps) and also with the intelligent mode.

The video recorded with full manual mode with settings listed above seems to be very choppy. I can especially see it in the white fender of the car as it moves across the screen. Although I'm learning about the 180 rule, this just looks really poor and noticeable jitter to me.

For a test, I recorded the same scene in intelligent mode and it worked very well and it very smooth. I assume this is recorded in 60fps with a higher shutter speed.

Any insights into why the footage recorded manually looks choppy / How can I improve it?

Here is the link to the video on YouTube:

What you’re seeing has nothing to do with the 180º shutter “rule”.

It also has nothing to do with shooting in full manual.

It has everything to do with how you’re handling what you shot in post.

First things first: 24p is strictly an aesthetic choice. You can use a 180º shutter on any frame rate (30p = 1//60, 60p = 1/120). 24p (or 23.976, aka 23.98) may have some slight jitter to it; film does this, too. The fact that you’re seeing 60p play much smoother than 24p is to be expected. 60 images per second will render much smoother, sharper motion than 24 images per second. Shoot 24p if you want the film/cine aesthetic, of which a little motion jitter is going to be a part. Shoot 60p if you want your video to look like... video.

If you’re going to shoot 24p, you need to drop it into a 24p timeline, edit it at 24p, export it at 24p, and upload it at 24p. The YouTube video you show is 60p. When you drop a 24p video into a 60p project, it has to duplicate frames to fill out the missing 36 frames per second. That can enhance the jitter quite a bit, as you’ve seen.
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