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  1. [Jul 31] What are you working on this week?

    Finished editing 2 films in July. Did an interview for a blog. Logged back into indietalk after a long while. -Ryan
  2. Public Confession: I'm Scared

    In the words of Shia Laboof... DO IT. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.
  3. Sound Design for 48HFP

    Or... You have a great sound guy but you purposely record and edit BAD ADR to make it obviously BAD as part of the comedy of the piece...
  4. Sound Design for 48HFP

    I just had a thought: What if the Sound Guy was your main star of the piece. That way, he can record and edit his own ADR and it would be perfect because he knows exactly how to shoot perfect ADR and edit it to match... Jus' sayin'...
  5. Sound Design for 48HFP

    YES you can do that outside as long as you can get a good dialogue editor to weave in and out of the background wash of park and traffic. Yeah you better start looking! Audio guys don't grow on trees.
  6. Sound Design for 48HFP

    If you had a pro ADR Mixer that has been able to do full films in 1 hour of time for certain high profile actors and is able to work under EXTREME pressure and deadlines, you can pull it off ... ................. Jus' sayin. :) I can see this working if you do your film INSIDE a WELL...
  7. watch The Listening Room - Apple Sauce

    @Cracker I have been on sets where the sound is taken seriously and here are a few tips: When doing scenes to get dialogue, put felt drawer-stoppers that stick to the bottom of the actors shoes if they make loud clacking sounds so you can get clean dialogue. Then, they run through the scene...
  8. Directing a Podcast

    You'll never make it... ... if you don't learn about Audio. :)
  9. Audio Newb Here - Where Should I Start?

    You're all wrong. There was actually a real T-Rex that was filmed in Jurassic Park, and they recorded it's dialogue just like the rest of every Hollywood film ever made: with the camera mic. Gosh. You people and your conspiracy theories about audio for film.
  10. name the effect?

    Hmm. I could only find this tutorial that has TONS of technical data if you follow it... Fast forward to the end if you need to,
  11. Is IT dead?

    Indietalk isn't dead. But I am a member of other specifically dedicated audio forums that are relatively more active than this one, and it's just not the same feeling that I get from this forum. Indietalk is like your friendly neighborhood coffee shop that gives you a newspaper for free and...
  12. name the effect?

    Reverse reverb. It became popular when my buddy Alan Howarth used it to create the famed "Poltergeist" voice in that movie. He did it by taking the solid reverb (no original sound) and reversing it and pasting it just before the beginning of the sound (voice, laughter, whatever)...
  13. Is IT for Visual Filmmakers Only?

    Hahaha. I think I just found why people in the beginning stages have no clue about sound, @Cracker: When a young kid sees that he can use his __________ (read: phone, T2i, digital camera, etc.) to make a funny video and post it online, they only see a CAMERA and not a MICROPHONE. Young kids...
  14. Advice on Audio Equipment

    From the price range you're looking at... not really. The Sound Devices 2-track is only 2Gs which I highly recommended already... Unless you have 4Gs to spend on the higher track counts... The 8 channel recorders are nice, don't get me wrong. But are you ever going to need more than 2 mics on...
  15. Advice on Audio Equipment

    ^ Is that last photo a leaked photo of the brand new macbook pro? oh wait... it's a G3 laptop :)