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    soundtrack The Cue Tube Scoring Competition 2020

    There are a lot of hit points to play with aren't there? It was great fun to reflect the characters in the music and to nuance the soundtrack just like the action. Thank you for kind comments and for your advice. I really appreciate you listening and reviewing and I'm particularly thrilled you...
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    soundtrack The Cue Tube Scoring Competition 2020

    Thank you for listening and for your kind words @Scoopicman, they mean a lot! I'm really thrilled you enjoyed it.
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    soundtrack The Cue Tube Scoring Competition 2020

    Hi All! I recently entered this film scoring competition and I was wondering if anyone else on this forum did or had come across the site? The Cue Tube is a brand-new platform and it's only just getting started, but the ultimate aim is to allow composers to showcase their portfolios and give...
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    Soundtrack composer available to collaborate

    I’ve been watching way too many crime TV series since lockdown began, so I decided to compose a quirky detective theme of my own! Hop over to my SoundCloud and please let me know what you think of β€˜Sleuth’, a short piece that would suit the opening titles of a light private investigator drama...
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    Indie of the Month April - Social Distance Film Challenge

    Hyped for this challenge! I would be thrilled to collaborate on the soundtrack for an entry too, so please let me know if you're thinking of applying and would require a score. πŸ™‚
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    Had a bit of a break from the site (unintentionally actually) but I'm back now and ready and...

    Had a bit of a break from the site (unintentionally actually) but I'm back now and ready and raring to go! By the way, Merry Christmas folks! 😁
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    Groove Bakery

    Welcome! Loving the name by the way. 😁
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    suggestion Locking Old Threads

    Yeah ok, fair enough. Freedom of speech. πŸ™‚
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    suggestion Locking Old Threads

    I agree with all of the above, and I think I'm right in remembering that in the poll while back about what to do with old threads, members voted to keep them open and searchable forever, with only some extremely ancient and irrelevant content to be removed at the discretion of the moderators...
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    Short Filmmaker in Wisconsin

    Got to admit (being myself significantly more petite than my peers), I initially read this title in a way that suggested you were a short filmmaker! πŸ˜† But yeah I've checked out your website and it looks good. πŸ™‚ I'm always up for collaborating, although I'm from the UK. My indietalk page is here.
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    off-topic Anybody else stoked about MCU phase 4?

    @Cracker Funk your thoughts on the Sony split for Spider-Man? Or anyone else for that matter! 😁 Personally I think it's a real shame. I mean there are definitely interesting possibilities with Venom and other crossovers, but I honestly can't see how the next film will be able to gloss over the...
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    watch Breaking Point - short film

    This is another very effective montage of different isolated lives sharing a connection (albeit through their TV screens), whilst poignantly presenting three tragedies: that of 9/11, that of the individual personal tragedies the characters experience and the tragedy that they are too engulfed in...
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    format I need help with a scene

    I'm reminded of this short scene in Megamind. As opposed to watching the number of kids decrease as they're being picked, instead we just see him as being the last one picked. This still effectively gets the point across of his shame, sadness and feeling of being different but it also allows the...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to IndieTalk! Check out the NY crew thread for networking in your area. 😁
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    plot Don't Think About It So Much

    One thing I'd like to add to this great point (which works equally well for composing too), is that when you get that idea, WRITE IT DOWN! There have been many times when I've been struggling with the direction of the score or the orchestration or how to use the motif differently, so I've gone...