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  1. watch New Teleporting Effects

    As WalterB and ItDonnedOnMe have pointed out, this isn't (or at least I didn't think it was) about the future technologies and their backstory and how it works in your story universe, but rather how to correct a problem in effects. Whether the ship has doors or not is inconsequential. Listen...
  2. watch New Teleporting Effects

    I'm not sure how this has progressed, but I did check the most recent version you posted... I'm of the school of thought that less is sometimes more. With the limitations imposed upon you, I think the best course would be to show the ship as little as possible, maybe one atmospheric shot to...
  3. watch thoughts on my improv short film?

    Very nice camera work. Apart from the sound and some shaky acting at bits, it was very good. Keep going and don't quit!
  4. watch New Teleporting Effects

    Perhaps it's because I'm not sure of the overall story, but are the other shots of the ship beyond the establishing one absolutely necessary? It would be far simpler to have the ship in the sky, then a wide shot of the terrain, then the beaming effect. The ship going across the screen and then...
  5. failed shoot, it needed to happen

    That's not bad looking.... you quit after such a short period of time even though you were getting some good stuff... wow.....
  6. Why don't people understand my film?

    I have no problems as is. I see it in two parts, first the dude that got killed was having his loyalty tested. Perhaps because of some past indication that he may be a leak in the criminal organization or what have you. Not really important to this point of the story. The second part was the...
  7. watch My very first short - Psychological Thriller

    There may be a good story there, but I wasn't able to finish it. Just a few thoughts of mine. * Bouncy camera, I don't know about anyone else, but I found it distracting. * Acting, it was pretty bad, but that can be expected for a first time. The woman had promise, but the guy seemed scared...
  8. failed shoot, it needed to happen

    $8,000.00 !!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap. If I had that much invested into one day of filming then by golly something is getting filmed that day. I too am curious as to what went so wrong as to cancel after such a short period of time. It boggles the mind.
  9. watch DiSparrow Films

    :lol: I loved it. Good work.
  10. watch DiSparrow Films

    Wow! Nice work! All the more impressive it being a one man band. Good job sir.
  11. watch Criminal Bounds

    Yeah, just a little bit lower volume on the music at that walking scene. Otherwise, for me it was great. :)
  12. watch Criminal Bounds

    I liked it a lot. The one thing I would recommend is dialing back the music a bit. It was a little overpowering. :)
  13. watch Redux

    Great job! I liked the story once I got into it. You almost lost me at the narration at the beginning, but once past that the storytelling is pretty good as a single act of kindness story. From a story standpoint, maybe don't make the time jump so much. The jump from school to him losing his...
  14. watch 30 Second Short "How to get punched in a public bathroom"

    :lol: Nice, always good for a laugh.
  15. Editing platform of choice?

    I got Premiere, used that for awhile. Then I tried Vegas and I must say I prefer that. Simpler to use for me.