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    Sometimes when you are making a film or video you may need a specific sound effect to enhance the soundtrack. It's not always practical to record or create the sounds yourself. Buying a readily available sound effects library for these occasions can be pretty costly. Hunting for individual sound...
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    SOUND EFFECTS GOLD PACK - New Improved The new improved Rocksure Soundz GOLD SOUND EFFECTS PACK contains all 35 of the sfx packs that we sell separately, but at a 35% discount over the cost of buying those packs individually. There are more than 4000 sound effects in this collection. There is an overview of the...
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    SEVEN NEW SOUND EFFECTS PACKS has gone through some upgrades in the last few days. This includes adding seven new sound effects packs ( as listed below) along with 24 new royalty-free music tracks. Other improvements include adding meta data to the sfx wav files, and making...
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    ***BLACK FRIDAY HALF PRICE SALE on large sound effects Pack***

    ***BLACK FRIDAY HALF PRICE SALE*** Black Friday sale of the Gold Sound Effects pack. It says half price sale. That's actually 50% of he cost of the Gold Pack which is already a 20% discount off the price of buying all the packs separately! If you go to the website homepage you can see all of...
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    The importance of sound effects

    That's an excellent point, and one that I think many people would miss....specially inexperienced people who are trying to make a film and do their own audio along with everything else!
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    Award Winning Sound Designer & Music Producer Looking For Project

    Wouldn't this be better suited in the > classified ads> promotion section?
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    Symbol on mike

    And here I was thinking it was a picture of someone kicking a soccer ball!
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    Stock Ambience Websites?

    While it may not cover all your needs, You may find some of the packs on the rocksuresoundz website could provide a good portion of the city ambience sounds you are looking for. The packs are not free, but low cost at $6.95 per pack. Hope this helps.
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    Best Home Studio Qualities

    I do audio work, recording, post production etc for a living. I have had my studio set up in a few different houses over the years, and some houses are easier to adapt than others. AA has already made lots of good points. I will just add a few simple things I have learned over the years: a)...
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    Sound Advice from a Dude with an Oscar

    "I came across this"...( insert website/product) getting a bit old and predictable. Be honest...: Hi I am promoting such and such a product/website. There's no shame in promoting or selling something, but most people don't like to feel they are misled by someone saying something which...
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    Fair price for sound post

    The way I work is like this: I find out as many details as I can about the project and what they require. I then tell them my rate is $## per hour. I tell them I expect the job will take X number of hours and it will be at that rate, but that if however, I find it is going to take longer...
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    How To Ruin Your Career & Bring Down The Music Industry (Article)

    Well there are composers and the are composers. There are some people out there that hold down jobs in other fields and just do music as a hobby with no intention of every doing it for a living. Then there are others' who intend to make music as a serious job. The second of those is harder to do...
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    If I were to learn an instrument for my projects, which would be best if just one?

    The theramin.........the instrument you can play without even touching it!
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    Christmas Special:Sound Effects Packs Bundle

    Only one week left till this special deal ends. It's unlikely that we will ever offer the packs this cheap again (less than $3-50 a pack!). Closes Dec 24th.
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    Christmas Special:Sound Effects Packs Bundle

    Up until December 24th 2014 is offering all 28 sound effects packs for just $97-30. That's 50% off the cost of buying all the packs individually. That includes over 3400 quality sound effects. This offer will definitely close at Christmas, and may never be repeated. The...