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  1. format ask for help-Standard script

    I also wrote another script, but not a standard format script! We are looking for assessment and feedback. There is a preliminary assessment that I can attach below. Please read NITIAL ASSESSMENT TITLE The Warriors Come Back GENRE Action/Adventure WRITER(S) Peng Chao CIRCA Present SUBMITTED...
  2. format ask for help-Standard script

    Thank you very much
  3. format ask for help-Standard script

    I had Modified the script and added content of 6 pages, So, ask for your help. So, ask for your help!
  4. format ask for help-Standard script

    I am a screenwriter from China, I'm not familiar with standard script. I wrote a script - Paris of hero, and then commissioned someone to modify it into a standard format script. But now I need to add 6 pages to the script, I sincerely ask professional writers to help me put the added...
  5. story Hero of Paris

  6. story Hero of Paris

  7. story Hero of Paris

  8. story Hero of Paris

    If you are interested, please go to this website to evaluate this movie script. Thank you
  9. story Hero of Paris

    Film script-Hero of Paris 2
  10. story Hero of Paris

    Hero of Paris It's an assessment from other writers
  11. story Hero of Paris

    I want to find an agent for this movie script. Can you recommend an agent
  12. story Hero of Paris

    Above, are the evaluation opinions of other writers
  13. story Hero of Paris

    It has been written and is being publicized on other websites. However, there are format errors, syntax errors and so on in the script, which need to be modified
  14. story Hero of Paris

    Era 2015, flashbacks Locations France Budgets Medium Genre Drama, Adventure Drama, Coming-of-Age, Crime Drama, Period Drama, Political Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Crime Thriller, Detective Film, Political Thriller Logline The true life story of Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame, a hero policeman who...
  15. story Hero of Paris

    This script also leaves the most important clues, and can shoot sequels