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  1. Hello Again

    Nice new look.
  2. announcement April 10

    Maybe that’s why I couldn’t post for advice on a documentary I am planning to make.
  3. [Feb 4] What are you working on this week?

    Just became an Official Selection in the 2019 Bare Bone Film Festival.
  4. [Oct 8] What are you working on this week?

    Thank you, Lucky Hardwood.
  5. [Oct 8] What are you working on this week?

    I was emailed the laurels from the Australia Independent Film Festival to display with my film. I guess it is an official entry. They said semi-finalists will be announced soon. I burned a few Blu-rays in case a festival asks for them, after it is an official selection. Waiting to hear back...
  6. Hat's Off To Leawo Blu-ray Creator For The Perfect Festival BD

    Okay, with Festivals right around the corner, I am working on self playing Blu-ray Discs without menus. I got the Share Blu-ray Disc option with FCPX and discovered it only has a 50 fps option and made a disc image. Problem is, Finder can't read it to burn. So, I tried Roxio Toast Titanium...
  7. Where can i find a free to use Video-Audio Library?

    Do a Google search for Public Domain media, music, sound Fx, and videos. You'd be surprised what's available for free these days.
  8. [Sep 24] What are you working on this week?

    My film is now in consideration with six film festivals. I expect to be busy moving over to a new web hosting company and moving over the website. I am planning the new domain name, for the new site and let hppt:// drop by the waist side...
  9. [Sep 10] What are you working on this week?

    I patched the major fight scene in the film for better clarify of what's going on and updating everything with it. Seeing a new nitch market for the film is evolving for the film on Instagram with the Goth community. A shout out to my high school art teacher for the valuable lesson on taking a...
  10. My Recommendations To Magix to Improve Sound Forge Pro

    As, I said, these are my suggestions, since they sent me a link for an online survey to fill out. AcusticAl, it has been my experience that pitch does play a role in reforming dialogue, since anyone can change their pitch in how fast they talk. So, I stand by my method of adjusting pitch and...
  11. My Recommendations To Magix to Improve Sound Forge Pro

    I view them as things that are helpful to software development and things that can and cannot be fixed. Things that are beyond the realm of small filmmakers to fix should be pointed out to concentrate on the things that can be fixed. Nothing may ever be done with audio filters for more...
  12. My Recommendations To Magix to Improve Sound Forge Pro

    My Survey Advice for Magix Sound Forge Pro I am sharing my suggestions with you on my recommendations on a survey I filled out for Magix on how to make their audio editing software better for all-in-one filmmakers. They are stressing all of their efforts for music composers and forgetting the...
  13. [Sep 3] What are you working on this week?

    Sending out material to the copyright office after doing the online registration.