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    We're Gonna Need A Bigger Forum

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    misc Challenges of being a Screen Writer

    Do you mean "lack an understanding of the rules that lead to a successful screenplay"? If not, I don't understand your point.
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    Hi all

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    film-school Adverts or animation - which is the more valuable teaching/learning tool?

    I strongly disagree. I think it's essential to have a great script before you start to make a movie - but I'm a screenwriter, so yes I'm biased. Some big budget movies lose their focus because they need to answer to many masters (studios, money people, etc) but there was a good script there first.
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    misc Challenges of being a Screen Writer

    Can you explain what you mean? My perspective is that people who are just starting out sometimes become so wedded to a certain approach that they aren't open to suggestions that can make the project better. I definitely understand the importance of telling the story that you want to tell, but...
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    pay Proper deal, idea only

    Thanks. I never have and never would.
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    pre-pro Making a Low Budget Sci-Fi Film

    It looks great! Good luck as you start shooting.
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    Looking to score films!

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    pay Proper deal, idea only

    I'm a realist, and I've had many of my ideas show up in big-budget movies & TV series after actors & agents have read my scripts. Twice in the past three years I've seen virtually an entire scene from one of my movies copied in a bigger name movie. I look at it as part of life, and choose to...
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    pay Proper deal, idea only

    In my opinion, that's more than reasonable. That doesn't mean the writer will accept it, but since you can't copyright an idea, there's nothing to stop you from writing something fresh/new/your own using the same starting point.
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    Hello Everyone!

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    misc What part of the film making process is most painful

    Post production. Always costs more and takes longer than my (admittedly overly optimistic) expectations.
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    pay Upfront payment vs percentage of film proceeds

    Upfront absolutely 100%. The chances of the movie making money are slim