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  1. Hello from the UK- Seeking fellow passionate filmmakers

    GB = Great Britain
  2. Hello Filmmakers!

    Welcome to IndieTalk! Blacksburg = Virginia Tech? :)
  3. Hello my fellow creators

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  4. link DETOURS Now Streaming Free on The Roku Channel

    And Surviving Family has joined DETOURS on The Roku channel, which makes me happy! The link to watch for free is here: Surviving Family on the Roku Channel
  5. Welcome

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  6. Newbie here

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  7. link DETOURS Now Streaming Free on The Roku Channel

    It's always a pleasure when we add a new streaming service for one of my movies, and I'm delighted that today DETOURS has been added to The Roku Channel. Click HERE to stream for free.
  8. misc Wizard School - Online

    I love this. :)
  9. screenplay A story

    As he huddled below the window sill, he snuck a peak at the yard - damn! Still there. Then from behind him, there was a high pitched scream that ended as suddenly as it started. Judy barely glanced at his odd posture as she entered the kitchen and turned off the gas beneath the tea kettle. "Do...
  10. Greetings, all!

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  11. Hello,

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  12. Hiya from Melbourne Australia

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  13. Looking for a screen writing Manager.

    You can do (or not do) whatever you want. But I'm not sure what you mean by personalized? Do you mean that you don't want it said publicly?
  14. directing Directing a Film.

    Your results may vary :)
  15. directing Directing a Film.

    Most filmmakers put together their own projects first before looking to get hired. But yrmv