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    copyright So a major studio admitted to stealing my script...

    As I'm sure you know, you can't copyright a concept so the dialogue would likely be the key point for legal action. Do you have access to that episode of Westworld? Season 4 doesn't SEEM to be streaming yet, as far as I can see? If you can get it, transcribe the copied dialogue and show it...
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    critique Should I start over? Any feedback is welcomed.

    I think it's good - very sweet and visual. A few suggestions: 1. Avoid actions that an actor can't portray. For example on the top of page 5, "Thomas, disoriented by her fury, forgets to follow her." An actor can't portray forgetting. Maybe try that he watches her leave, then runs to catch up...
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    Newbie here

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    Hi! My name's John. I continuously review independent films on...

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    budget Covid budgets

    Are you directly involved with this project?
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    misc Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting

    I just don't understand a draft of what?
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    misc Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting

    That I can't do as I never write things as a story first. The only exception is when I adapt SOMEONE ELSE'S story to a screenplay, and those I'm not at liberty to share.
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    misc Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting

    I'm not sure I understand your question. If you google "screenplay sample" you'll find lots of downloadable scripts. If you want something one of us has done, I could upload a production draft of something I already produced, and if you want, I could also upload the first draft. The format is...
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    budget Covid budgets

    It's extremely unlikely that SAG members will do a non-SAG movie, leaving aside COVID - and certainly no A list actor will. And certainly the health and safety of both your cast and crew need to take priority - that's always true.