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    screenplay Writing GoPro shots

    How to write something of this kind in screenplay (shooting script)? I googled a lot but couldn't find specific answer. So I just wrote like this, as a quick reference in the script.
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    screenplay How to - Montages with different setups/view points

    I'm trying to add montage shots from two perspectives. Is this a right way of doing so? In other place I have this. At a traffic signal Rajesh was waiting for signal. Meanwhile, some past events flash in his memory. The screen should return to the original scene after hearing the honks. How...
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    screenplay Serial Killer Origin Story (1 Page)

    SHORT... SHOT... CUTE (narration)
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    screenplay Screenplay of action scene

    Slightly improved version.
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    screenplay My Bad Horror Movie Screenplay

    What is the time of the day? Then we won't be able to hear any dialogue. I found such stuff in the stories and novels, not in screenplays. As they step outside, a tall, shadowy figure can be seen in the distance. This could be a different scene - And then back to the previous scene a few...
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    screenplay Screenplay of action scene

    After a while, I am working on a short film (action genre). I have never wrote anything on these lines before. Any suggestions/reviews please. Yeah, with a quick glance, it has lengthy descriptions. I am working on that too.
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    screenplay Bar scene question ...

    So you mean if I need to write a Jackie Chan's fight scene, I should write a slug line for every alternate action line. for 1 min shoot, I have to write a 100 slugs lines and a150 lines of action. It doesn't necessarily a different slug line / scene for every change. In your case, I may use a...
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    critique Help with an adaptation

    If it's for a film to produce, the first scene heading Isn't giving anything to the other departments. I feel its too long explanation of the meerkat. We all know how a normal meerkat looks like. You just need to describe specific details if any. I got advice from a friend that an action...
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    critique First page of first screenplay

    Sorry, I couldn't turn up for a while. I had a surgery and few other personal issues too. First of all, thanks for your valued inputs. This was my first script and I am noting all these for betterment. However, I found writing a story and script is slightly different in certain aspects.
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    critique First page of first screenplay

    Thank you @geckopelli for your inputs. I have made some changes based on your suggestions. Wondering how this flows.
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    business Starting a commercial video production company

    Thinking aloud... So, you are changing your career path. You put a stop to what you have done so far when you get hand full of money and to jump to a new career, leaving behind all your expertise you earned so far? That doesn't make any sense to me. You may think of generating side income with...
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    directing The Art of the Reveal

    So, in other words, all the non-fixed-focal shots are the reveals. In a pan / dolly / zoom shot, you reveal something that wasn't seen a moment ago. May be with an excuse - it should raise a question and then answer, which naturally happen in most cases.
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    directing The Art of the Reveal

    I just started a script. In the opening scenes, a jeep / van enters through a gate, then pulls out to reveal the police station, zooms in to other part of the screen revealed (to the name board of the police station). This is done to create connect to the flashback. Not sure how that idea would...
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    critique First page of first screenplay

    Hi, I am new to script writing, started with a story in mind. Just want to see how its going in terms of technical aspects and narration. It's just one page / starting scene to be precise. By the way I am using Celtx for this.
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    story Short Story from Script to Film

    I have a short story written a while ago. I am thinking of making a short film of it. It would be more or less a first short film. Of course, I want to keep budget as low as possible. It has 2 main characters and 5-6 supporting characters, 4 locations. How worth is experimenting with this in the...