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    Editing 4K

    Speaking of terms to Google, the process of creating lower resolution files and then relinking to higher resolution files for the final export is called a proxy workflow. Many NLEs have some sort of support/toolset for doing it pain-free.
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    Would you make a feature film with a camera that has a Micro Four Thirds sensor?

    Of course! Both are fantastic cameras and Rokinon lenses are perfectly adequate--provided the set includes a wide option like the 10 or 14. I did a short a while ago with a BMCC 2.5k and the widest lens in the kit was the Rokinon 24 which kinda sucked. Though, if I could pick my kit I probably...
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    What kit should I get?...

    Camera: Have you considered a micro four thirds camera? They are smaller (more discrete) and the small sensor means you have a larger margin of error on focus pulling. There are also a lot of very fast autofocus lenses (which might be crucial if you are one-man-banding it). Audio: Rode mics...
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    What camera should I get?

    Does the $1000 include lenses or just the body? A T2i would be great. I would recommend a Panasonic GH3 over the T2i, and it's only $550 on B&H right now. You might have other criteria, but here are some quick pros and cons my my experience: Canon T2i Pros: Better color (subjective), APS-C...
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    watch Cardboard Boxes (Student Film)

    Thanks! Yeah, I know it's confusing, but I'm happy you liked parts of it anyway. Though, it wasn't quite a semester project, I only got two weeks to do it.
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    watch Cardboard Boxes (Student Film)

    Last semester I shot this short project. I appreciate feedback! Most of my pre-production for this project had to be discarded since there was a hurricane/flood on the day of the shoot (it was originally set outdoors), but we pulled this together...
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    To RAW or not to RAW

    Shoot in color and desaturate in post. If you go ML raw, I don't think there is a way to shoot black and white. Your picture profile and white balance have no effect on what is actually recorded when shooting raw. (protip: set picture profile to B&W in order to monitor without color, while...
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    To RAW or not to RAW

    I began shooting ML raw this year and I will find it very hard to go back to anything else. Raw looks miles better than anything the 5D normally produces. If image is all you care about, then by all means shoot raw over H.264--Raw black and white is absolutely gorgeous. Here are my cons: -...
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    So I plan on starting with stop motion.

    Here's what I did for one of my films: Make the background black, either with cardboard or cloth. I actually did my shots outside at night with dark trees far in the background. In post, pull the background down even farther until it is 100% black. Take some photos of the night sky or find free...
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    HELP PLEASE! The right camera??

    I would rather own a GH4 than a BMPCC. This is based on my experience owning a GH3 and using a BMCC 2.5k most of this semester. The GH4 will be much more flexible. Higher frame rates, good still photos, less post work necessary, smaller crop factor. This last one is huge, since very few MFT...
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    watch Statue

    A fun little 3 minute movie. I'd love some feedback on it. Youtube link, in case you prefer that: (Personally, I never considered this "experimental," but other people told me it is so I put it in this...
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    Camera Moves Up Through Ceiling

    Can you hide a cut by using an object hanging from the ceiling? For example, the camera goes up until it moves behind an exit sign (for example), at which point the screen is completely black. Cut to next shot, starting behind a trash can (for example) and moving up. You can add a third shot in...
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    Newb looking for advice: cameras, editing, and PCs

    For software, you could try Hitfilm Express, it's free, and at least you'll have something to compare Lightworks to. Edit: And for audio software, Audacity is pretty good and also free.
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    Neutral Density vs Aperture f-stop

    Hmm, that's annoying. Have you tried exposing somewhere in the middle and adjusting your Luma curve? You might be able to salvage something. Or can you use HDR photography and composite actors in from a green screen? Or use an HDR photo for an establishing shot, and then cut to closeups that...
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    Neutral Density vs Aperture f-stop

    All graduated NDs I've seen are horizontal, which might look odd since you have a V-shaped sky in your shot. Can you wait for golden hour so you can properly expose both the sky and the ground together? Or find an angle where the sky is actually horizontal to match the filter?