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    How to make a knife handle stick out from the chest?

    My thought .. do 2 takes .. on w/ just the knife moving towards the body, then the 2nd w/ just the handle sticking out
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    EDITING: Best free editing software?

    Lightworks 1st 2nd Cinelerra ( on Linux ) w/ many edditors you will need to transcode the raw footage so..time to learn !
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    Favorite Editing Software for under $150?

    Lightworks for windows $0 .. many feature movies were edited using that software I use Cinelerra...on Linux free as well as the OS
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    Hello from Finland

    Welcome ! love to see some of your stuff. Ive ben round here for a while. I come and go. been busy playin around w/ video and the like. Im still learning and now Im playing w/ animation...more to come. Lots of good information here. Jump in any conversations and ask, tell or whatever.
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    There's no steady income in film.

    There is money to be made doing Ytube videos...worth a look. Many creative people are making a good living. more about quantity than quality, but hey quality sure does help...peace
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    Reality TV Audio
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    The boom pole folly

    I got the one below from Amazon $40.. It was cheap and it is cheap , cheap , cheap.. The brass fitting to screw on the shock mount fell out, I popped it back in and gave it a good whack. The unit self destructed and the sections shot out the bottom from my hitting it. I got it together and it...
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    could i sue someone who sabotaged an edit?

    Holding on to your anger is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die. – Buddha
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    Editing Software

    Lightworks is a powerful editor and it's free as in free beer ! It has been used to edit the likes of Pulp Fiction, Hugo, Hanna, Braveheart, Shutter Island and a lot more.
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    60D grainy footage at 100 ISO and amazingly lit????

    I see some grain in the background from the shallow DOF .. however I'd say it comes w/ the bokeh and is par for the effect w/ using a cheaper cam w/ only one sensor
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    Higgs Boson Found?

    <sarcasm> Let's just say America invented anything important and cinema is important Loving America means ignoring the accomplishments of other countries ! So, let's begin Fact: we invented everything except firecrackers the Chinese did that Fact: We invented freedom and every country in the...
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    Higgs Boson Found?

    HEY ! We Americans have THIS ! Come on ..can't any other country touch this.
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    Can math predict the success of film?

    Didn't Glenn Beck do a show on that ???
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    Higgs Boson Found?

    “The Higgs Boson walks into a church. The priest, says, "I'm sorry, but we don't allow Higgs Bosons in this church." The Higgs Boson replied, "But, without me, how can you have mass?"”
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    Any ideas on finding quiet place to record post audio?

    OKdokie ..I see now said the blind man as he fell off the cliff