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    Hello everyone! I'm extremely excited, because my new movie "Retribution" is official out!!! I've been working on it since the beginning of the summer, and it's finally here! I've used IndieTalk a lot in order to help me try a bunch of new things I've never done before in any of my work. So...
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    watch Short Film "Retribution" Final Teaser Trailer!

    Hello everyone! I'm back and wanted to share the final teaser trailer with anyone following my short film "Retribution" even if you aren't you can of course still check it out! ;) The film officially releases 12/20/15!!!! That's this Sunday!!! I'm pretty excited and would love to have some...
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    I'm looking for them to have a somewhat country/western feel to them, but for example I need a piece for a car chase, and that isn't going to be really western at all.
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    watch The Pen in His Penis

    Haha! This is hilarious! I could easily see this being a "viewer video of the week" on Tosh.0! You should send it in if you haven't already!
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    watch Teaser 2

    I think it looked really good! The only thing I was wondering about was the whole using google thing. If in the movie she actually uses google to find all this information then that makes sense, but for some reason it just didn't feel right in the trailer to me. When it's on the website and...
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    watch Retribution Short Film (Trailer)

    I've had other posts about this short film I've been working on since this summer, and now we finally have the official trailer out ready to share! You can check it out now here: I'd love to here some feedback on what the community thinks about the...
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    Blood Hit on someone on the ground?

    I'm wanting to put bullet blood hits on our bad guy on the ground. I've posted a image so that you can see what I mean: Basically how do I pull this off? I realize now I should of probably just done the effect non-digitally, but it's kind of to late for...
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    watch Retribution (SHORT FILM) TEASER TRAILER!

    Hey sorry on the late reply! I haven't had time to get back on, but thank you! We are still finishing up the film as we have decided to go back and change somethings last minute! Thanks for the feedback!
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    watch Retribution (SHORT FILM) TEASER TRAILER!

    Hello IndieTalk! I'm Gage Welch and I'm a young filmmaker (18) I am currently working on my second short film. I've done small films like 5-10 minutes long, but this one actually has a run time of about 30 minutes! I'd like to get some feedback from the IndieTalk community on what you think of...
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    How to blow someone up or catch them on fire?!

    WE DID IT! Thanks everyone for the responses on this. We ended up doing a little fire on our actress then, put a dummy in to allow it to burn for the rest of the scene. It worked well!!! I'll post some photos here soon of the effect we got with it all!
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    How to blow someone up or catch them on fire?!

    Hello, I'm Gage Welch and right now I'm working on a new short film titled "Retribution" the film is almost complete, but I need help with making this end scene work. Basically the last part of the film the main character (Nate) goes to rescue his girlfriend who was taken by this gang he owes...
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    Hello, I'm Gage Welch and I am on the search for someone who would be willing to make a soundtrack or even just a song for my upcoming short film titled Retribution. What we are looking for: We are looking for someone who would be able to make western/country sounding songs. The type of songs...
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    watch The Day After The End (Short Film) (Zombie Film)

    This is a short film I did last year in 2013. I was only 15 when I actually started the very original script. The film was only meant to be a really short video around 5 minutes in length, I then decided to expand the project into what it became. (The 38 minute short film) I'm posting it again...
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    watch The Day After The End (My Short Film)

    Thank you ChimpPhobiaFilms Thank you so much for checking out my film. I'm glad you were completely honest with everything!!! This was my first time ever doing a short film like this and trust me I've learned a lot from it!!! I'm working on my script writing all the time, because that's one...
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    watch The Day After The End (My Short Film)

    I just wanted to share my new short film "The Day After The End" with everyone here on! I've been working on this for several months and I'm glad to finally get it out! I'm only 16 years old and this is my first short film that I've ever done so hopefully you all enjoy it!!! The...