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  1. Hello I am an indie filmmaker and I have made 5 feature films. I love to connect with other people who love movies.

    Hey man, welcome! Where can I see your movies? I'm curious!
  2. "Kiliam City" - 2 minutes Cyberpunk Short

    Thank you very much for dropping a comment! I have to say that Sin City probably has had one of the greatest impacts in my photography style, I love playing around with lights when I have the budget for it 🤪
  3. Are you ashamed of it? I wanna see it.

    Me too! Actually is the one I felt I fitted the most, and it's the only one in which I have almost diary activity! Also great job on whoever designed Categories!! 😁
  4. Bots and Spammers might appear on your emails!

    So I got this email, and I don't even own a website. I know y'all easily would identify the scammer, but still I think it's good to share so that you're 100% aware. Be careful!
  5. Are you ashamed of it? I wanna see it.

    I don't think I've ever know this one - been in filmmaking forums for less than a month! 🤪 Dude, I REALLY want to watch that one.
  6. STUCK, an anamorphic short film about quarantine

    Great point!! I agree as well 👏👏👏
  7. website Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    Oh, maybe I used the wrong word. I meant a transparent .PNG of a logotype of your "trademark"! An actual picture that we can use for adding in the credits! 😁
  8. The Escort New Short Film - Drama shot on GH5

    You won't regret it!
  9. Are you ashamed of it? I wanna see it.

    Wow! I wasn't able to watch the second video because it's regionally blocked because of copyright stuff, but I've seen the other three! - Orange Sunshine. Interesting! Too long probably, the Turbulent Displace hipnotized me! 🤪 - Zen Gamer. I found actually cool the 3D-layers-footage thing. I...
  10. How do we get more people to come to Indietalk?

    Oh! I didn't mean friends in your area! I just invited a friend from Germany, for example! 🤪
  11. How do we get more people to come to Indietalk?

    For me, there's no better promotion than mouth-to-mouth promotion. Tell a small group of friends that you think will like to join, and let them know others! In social media usually people think is a sponsored message or whatever.
  12. Are you ashamed of it? I wanna see it.

    So we all have done stuff that later say "Why?", right? Well, I bought a Nintendo Power Glove and instantly made this video. And that's the name of the video. I want to see your most "Why?" stuff! Let the Random Royale begin! 🤪
  13. STUCK, an anamorphic short film about quarantine

    Hey this one was really fun to watch! Loved the invisible cuts, and it definitely was a great idea to make subtitles on screen, I wish I did this when I used to do great movies with awful audio... If I can add a tip regarding subtitles: add a shadow next time! I didn't had any trouble reading...
  14. Hello From Singapore

    Asian faces speaking English... if only Netflix knew about this before making live-action versions from anime! Welcome to indietalk!! You'll find awesome people here!
  15. format Format issues when scene filmed by surveillance video

    I've read a lot of scripts from professional directors, and honestly each one has its own style while writting. If we're going to watch a whole sequence based on this POV Security Camera, I'd create a new scene. Nevertheless, if it's just a quick shot I don't think there's a need for a CUT TO...