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    Why does one documentary look so much higher in quality than the other?

    It also seems like the shots in after Eric had a subject that was more "clean", whereas in the "Growing Up Brave" the shots had a lot more action and density to in the frame (more people, more motion, more stuff) -- which I am sure makes it more difficult. Honestly, the "Growing Up Brave"...
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    watch Actual Alien Assault, Horor

    Per Gorilla, it was kinda generic in content and plot and not really that engaging. However, the camera work pulled off the found-footage style without making me motion sick, and the audio was pretty clean and organic. The production values were way ahead of the script and that helped keep me...
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    watch Blue by Aidan Griffiths

    Very cute, I liked it. The wife says she likes your other one "Moth" better (we watched all three you had posted).
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    I hate..

    For people who's lives depend mostly on recommendation and referral and the ability of their colleagues to put up with them, musicians can be oddly flaky and childish.
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    Best Shotgun Mic?

    Agreed, avoid at all cost.
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    Is it normal for the DP to get to call this during shoots?

    In my experience, it seems like most are either ascended DPs or writers and are usually very visually oriented people (which seems obvious). Story-boarding, costuming, location scouting, framing, lighting... so many visual oriented things that go on on-set. Audio gets outnumbered and outvoted...
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    Windows 10

    I put 10 on my laptop (from 7) that I use for note taking and doing Max/MSP work for classes. It has been pretty good -- the fan runs cooler and the computer isn't any slower (can't say it's faster). I'm indifferent towards the new aesthetic and Cortana. It hasn't been a disappointment, though I...
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    What's a better way to reveal this twist?

    As FantasySciFi said, you're not going to hide anything from your audience. They (we?) are so used to these twists we'll see them coming as soon as you introduce the characters; and any convolution you introduce to hide it -- unless extremely well done -- will come off as contrived rather than...
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    Why is the sound so bad?

    Isn't that standard procedure now? Spend the budget on the nicest camera they can find and then "figure the rest out in post"?
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    What's a better way to reveal this twist?

    In my non-professional opinion, as someone who just likes to watch movies: "Person who appears innocent, but isn't" and "person who appears guilty, but isn't" shouldn't even qualify as twists anymore. I think Law and Order built several franchises on this "twist" being a episodic thing. It's...
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    how to capture audio - live acoustic guitar

    Recording music on-set is a pain in the... everywhere. I've been the sound recordist for this kind of thing before. What I observed happen was that the musicians would make a mistake in the music, but the shot would look cool and they'd try to play it off thinking it wasn't that bad. Then get...
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    Radio mic in noisy enviroment

    +1 lav being a terrible choice. Also, standard practice in audio is to try to never boost as a fix for things -- as a general rule it causes more problems that it solves. Proper mic choice, placement, and gain structure is the only solution. Or your post engineer is going to just start buying...
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    Stay in L.A or New York? And what has the better indie scene?

    You might consider some of the off-the-beaten paths places to start your career. LA/NYC are terribly expensive places to live and are crowded with people who are trying to get the same jobs you are. You might try making inroads into a less-crowded place. Austin, Savannah, and Atlanta seem to be...
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    What is an Artist?

    Historically, the work "artist" indicated a measure of skill and training, and originally was used to refer to someone who was formally trained as opposed to self-taught, and the "arts" were things that required training and study. The word that came to be used for people who did things for the...
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    Made Feature at 17 and now available for rent/purchase

    I'm going to agree with Mussonman. To me, it felt like you were try to sell the film based on yourself (who I do not know) rather than on its own merits -- which you give very little information about. Your reviews (as was mentioned in an earlier post) are more about you than the movie. Your...