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  1. Community Project

    Indietalk reply notification in my email? whhaaaa? Quarantine is making people nostalgic, I see. I agree it would be cool to see this get finished. Lord knows the CG for the UFO has to be a lot easier/better after three years of advances in AE, lol.
  2. back for the indietalk revamp

    oo yeah it's true, I have an impulse now to vote on things I read and it's weird when the option isn't there. Like I just wanted to upvote your posts. Anyway,I know you've been teasing it for a long time and I'm stoked to see the roll-out.
  3. back for the indietalk revamp

    Hey all! sooo I just got an email from the site that says, in part: So what's the skinny? What's changing? Inquiring minds want to know!
  4. The easiest way to free music ...

    Sync fees are for using them in the film and are separate from royalties, which are small percentages of the profits from every time the media is played somewhere or sold. The site it saying that the songs are free to download and include in your media, but are not royalty-free.
  5. Community Project

    Yeah! Let's get this finished!
  6. Airbnb of editing studios & sound stages.

    Ah yes, I only skimmed the non-US ones (which appeared to be all but one), my bad.
  7. Airbnb of editing studios & sound stages.

    I like the idea and I hope it takes off. Although I will say that part of the appeal (to me) for airbnb is that you are saving money, or at least getting a lot of value vs if you are paying the same price you would have paid for a hotel. The listings on your site seem to be just that, listings...
  8. Fissure is Wrapped!

  9. What are you working on?

    Aww, I loved reading all that. I'm at work so I can't watch the videos right now, but I love the look of them! It warms my heart this holiday season to see the old gang still making shit and living the dream. Me, I'm back in Chicago as of last spring, which is lovely. I'd like to say I have...
  10. Lenses for iPhone 6s

    Haha, thanks dude, that's very flattering. However, I feel like I should warn you that at least half of my ideas are of either the "more trouble than they're worth" or "deceptively expensive" variety. I hadn't clicked the link until now. Tbh I think for the trouble of learning 3d design...
  11. Lenses for iPhone 6s

    I'd imagine you could just grab a cheap china-made mount for whatever lens type you have and then 3d print yourself a case for it to screw into?
  12. Showing clips online

    Could you imagine the effort it would take to enforce such a rule? I really wouldn't worry about this, even if it were true.
  13. watch Spads: My new web-comedy!

    The show seems to be finding a nice comedic rhythm in terms of performance and editing. I was really laughing out loud in those "improv" scenes. Good writing there, too :)
  14. Purchasing song rights

    Have you considered a sound-alike? If you just need everyone to "think" of that particular song once it starts playing, you'd be surprised what a sound-alike can do for you.
  15. Anybody care to help me name a character?

    Ok these are good. I like.