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    camera-dept Can't make a decision... please help

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to jump in more seriously to video, and I'm starting shooting event videography so I'm selling my Canon 4000d (which just will not handle filming indoors at all I find) I however don't have a huge amount to spend but I am completely stuck between 3 options which are (in...
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    watch Indie of the Month April - Social Distance Film Challenge

    Muslims are a religous group though, Islamic state is the terorist group... you wouldn't call Muslums 'Islamic State' because they are completely seperate entities I have never heard 'Involantary Celibate' used for anyone but the hate/terrorist group since thats actually the groups name - lots...
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    watch Indie of the Month April - Social Distance Film Challenge

    well Incel (Involantary Celibate Movement) is a sex based hate group know for several domestic terror attacks and school shootings (I think I read 50+ murders have been linked to the group) as for mine, its a child who cant go out to play with his friends (social distancing) playing with his...
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    series What series are you watching?

    yep, 3rd day and just started season 3 I think lol
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    series What series are you watching?

    Schitt$ creek - not watching it from a study point of view but just boredom in lockdown and having something to watch late at night, its ok and passes the time fine
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    watch Indie of the Month April - Social Distance Film Challenge

    I clicked it and I watched your video... I know the video link went dead after a while but I assumed either you removed it or the host took it down (given that its a song poking fun at a terrorist organisation) if it makes you feel better no one liked or commented on ours at all and ours is...
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    wounds - 1/10 If you ever want to study what not to do in a film then this is a perfect example: The script is critically flawed in that the characters are all awful and worse off boring and there is ZERO story in it actually doesnt have any ending (I love ambiguous ending that leave the...
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    watch Indie of the Month April - Social Distance Film Challenge

    I think my problem is I dont know who to vote for... they are all good and theres enough video to give a definate dilemma of choice but not so many that you feel anonymous and disconnected so it kind of feels personal trying to choose - every time I nearly vote I start to question if I should...
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    watch first short film

    I feel like I have seen this exact same film as an 'mid' section to another longer length short film, pretty much shot for shot but with a different actor/location a now it bothering me because I cant remember the name of the short
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    Good afternoon!

    hello, I started in stills too back in early 2000, videos still pretty new to me but im learning it and editing too
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    critique I would love honest feedback on this synopsis

    What do you think a peadophile ring is? There was a big public crack down on peadophiles in my town, non of them where speaking or hanging out in person (never mind getting together to plan high level crimes) and they dont go round 'kidnapping' children, that would be litrally insane and...
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    hi :)
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    distribution I just finished my big passion project, now what??

    there a scottish film festival called 'scottish mental health arts festival' in glasgow that might be your demographic
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    watch Indie of the Month April - Social Distance Film Challenge

    I know its a long way off perfect but this is what we managed, any tips would help (think lighting is the next thing to work on to reduce noise/grain)
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    misc Post a Production Pic

    old one from 2012, I have a new computer so had to go digging round looking for any and found this one, not the most comfortable workwear but I was in the film too (I dont normally go round dressed like that lol)