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    misc Infrasound

    I would say it's absolutely ethical, in exactly the same way its ethical to stab a cabbage for the sound effect it produces, or use makeup and prosthetics to fake a wound. On a side note: I know a friend of mine years ago was a PhD student at the Institute for Sound and Vibration Research. He...
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    misc Demo-itis

    That's brilliant! I guess it could be used in all sorts of fields as a training aid.
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    misc Demo-itis

    That's a brilliant description of those suffixes, thank you. 😀 It's arguable that, having listened to a demo too many times, your ears/eyes might feel like they're bleeding! 🤣 What's your day job? Something in the medical profession?
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    website New website for audio post-production

    Cheers, pretty sure that is fixed on mobile now too. Thanks for your feedback!
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    misc Demo-itis

    Hi, I've written a short article about something that can affect all of us creatives - "demo-itis". It can stagnate the creative process which is never a good thing. The article looks at what it is and how to avoid it. Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)
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    website New website for audio post-production

    Hey, I found out the problem with mobile viewing. I'm pretty sure it's now fixed, do you mind having another look?
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    location Other Noises

    Ideally software like Izotope RX would do it but it's not cheap. Feel free to DM me a link to some of the audio and I can try removing the noise if you like.
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    website New website for audio post-production

    Thanks for the info. Which phone did you use, Android or iOs?
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    website New website for audio post-production

    That's very kind of you, please do get in touch if ever I can help and feel free to spread the word.
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    website New website for audio post-production

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know I've got a new shiny website. If you're looking for someone to help with audio post-production, I can help with audio repair, dialogue editing, sound design, music, and mixing to technical specifications. Recent credits include dialogue editing the...
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    misc 3D Audio / Sound for Film?

    My understanding is that 3D audio really depends on how it is being viewed. 1. VR set - this is more like game design, with audio placed in a 3d environment so that viewers with a vr headset can hear a solid position of sound as they turn their head. You would probably need to have a proper 3d...
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    [Dec 3] What are you working on this week?

    Mainly trying not to work and have some time off. Having said that....did do a bit of audio repair, getting rid of some nasty hums and mic handling noises.
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    soundtrack Sample and Bit Rate vs File Size of Soundtrack Music

    One thing to remember it's that MP3 will often cut some of the very low frequency content to help make the file size smaller. Can't remember where the cut off point is, but if you've got some low thumping sub then mp3 will probably lose it. In general, 128kbps is fairly difficult to tell apart...
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    foley Foley is Fun!

    I remember my first lesson in Foley: "Foley is the art of lying in sync to picture." 😁
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    location Fridge Noise Removal

    Hi Nick, I've had a little look at the file you sent. There's a strong hum at 733 Hz, plus a load of partials above that. There's a goodly low hum from around 300 Hz and lower which means that you end up with a choice of removing it and making the dialogue sound tinny, leaving it and having...