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  • Hello, I'm from liverpool, what situation are you in then, maybe i could help, or vice versa
    hey man.
    how ya doing.

    ahhh nah no skype here.

    how you get to have such a large catalog of achievements at 18?
    good work man!

    i'm trying to organize to make my first short film script at the moment.
    i'm anxious to see what happens!

    you go to school for film, or just learn on your own?


    I am from the UK, I'm a young film maker who has massive ambitions and much drive...
    I've been a fan of this site for a while and feel like posting now so have signed up.
    I have won a few awards, got quite a large following and do as much for people as i can, i constantly seem to be working on a project or another.

    so email me, talk to me, im very much up for chats... im just 18
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