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    Coming-of-age Film without "uplifting" message

    You really don't need narration to get her thoughts out to the audience. In screenwriting, there is a character called the 'Foil', through whom the MC will reveal his or her thoughts and feelings. It can be a person (best friend, family, teacher), or a thing (teddy bear, tree, painting, etc.) or...
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    What is the hard part of script writing?

    There is no right answer for your question 'What is the hard part ...'. For some it might be as simple as getting unique ideas, while for others it might be organizing those ideas into a logical sequence of events, or even just writing the first word. Building a professional network to get...
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    Fear of writing?

    PM me with contact info and I am happy to coach you along. It's a different ride for everyone, so let's see what you have in ideas and on paper. alex
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    Does a love interest, have to be part of the main plot in this case?

    Lol, yeah I really hate it when the chicks don't get enough steaks. A cliché is just that if you write it that way. Rework it into something dynamic and original, and integral to the story. If a story is stongest with a male lead and a female foil, then go with it. We saw snippets of this in...
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    Does a love interest, have to be part of the main plot in this case?

    A great example of a foil is in 'Cast Away', 2000 with Tom Hanks. The ball, Wilson, provided someone/something for Hank's character, Chuck Noland, to talk to. By doing so the audience was able to 'listen' inside Chuck's head. His fears, his lonleness, ideas and so on. Take Wilson out of the mix...
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    Does a love interest, have to be part of the main plot in this case?

    Just how many scripts are you writing? If she is, as you say, his moral compass, and in any way influences his decisions through words, action or non-action then she is part of the plot. Ask yourself if she were not in the story, would your main character make all the same exact decisions...
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    How to decide about which in films?

    Film is not just about the amount of money it takes to produce and distribute any given project, be it a no-budget student endeavor, or a multi-million dollar - or its equivalent - extravaganza, and all the films in between. Film is an art, science and business that requires multi-faceted...
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    How can I make a courtroom thriller interesting in this way?

    There was more to it than that. Also, the way I understand the rule, is that the 'source´ must be authenticated. The source could be the camera in which the video was made. It could have markers on it that only that place uses, such as its method of dates and time, initials, and it could also...